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Welcome to 4C Voices - a platform for novice and experienced VoiceOver artists.

A platform for those seeking voice over training, advice, voice reels and opportunities to network and connect with other voice over artists, agents and casting directors.


Our aim is to encourage and promote diversity within the voiceover industry, whilst giving the necessary tools to get you started with your voice over career.


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The Workshop

Agent Ready Demo 


Our voice over workshops are designed to help new voiceover artists get hands on experience within a real voice over setting, offering the perfect way to understand the skills needed to build a career.

Being a voice over artists is not something you can simply read about to learn, you need hands on, real life experience to execute, and the only way to know if you have what it takes to succeed is to get in the booth, behind the mic and take direction from an established, working voice over artist/producer.


Our workshop experience is fun and interactive. An opportunity to receive guidance as well as professional and honest feedback.   


The workshop will also help you understand your vocal skills and enable you to find your signature voice and style, whilst giving you the knowledge needed to plan the next step in your career.


There will be a focus on commercial and narrative scripts, however we will also discuss all areas of voice over that you may want to explore such as gaming and animation.


You’ll be given direction and feedback on your delivery and most importantly, tips on how to improve your performance. 


You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the workshop and be given information on how to market yourself and find work.


The workshop environment is an ideal way to learn from fellow voice artists, whilst getting encouragement and feedback in front of a small audience (before you’re in front of a client!)

  • Professional studio based workshop

  • Comfortability in the booth and behind the mic

  • Recording techniques

  • A wide variety of scripts 

  • Find out what sound it right for you

  • Find the rhythm of a script

  • Small, intimate class

  • Boost in confidence 

Whats Included

Who Can Attend?

Those with a desire to explore voice acting as a profession. No previous voiceover or acting experience is needed. All we ask is that you listen well and are determined!




Voice reels or demos are essential when starting your voice over career, so it’s imperative you record the right one.

 Having a good demo will get you hired - a bad one will leave you unheard. We work closely with you to make sure your voice reel highlights the very best of your abilities. 


The purpose of a voice reel is to give casting directors and potential clients a quick and easy way to hear your vocal ability, to see if your voice fits their project. 


Our voice reel package will include commercial and narrative scripts, which you will be given prior to your recording session.


Don’t have the budget? Don’t worry!

We offer a comprehensive payment plan to get you started.


  • Commercial and narrative recorded demo 

  • 2 hours studio recording time

  • Pre-recording consultation

  • Scripts provided in advance

Whats Included


One On One

We know group sessions aren’t for everyone. Some of us need that personal touch.


Our One on One sessions are designed to give you personal guidance and professional feedback whilst working in an intimate studio based setting.


We will fine tune your voice skills, get you in the booth and behind the mic prior to recording your demo.

  • 90 minute studio session

  • Boost your confidence

  • Learn to take direction

  • Discover different vocal energies

  • Learn the art of intonation

  • One on one personal mentoring

Whats Included

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